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3 More National Monuments: Thanks Obama!
President Obama is using his Big Stick authority under the Antiquities Act---first used by Theodore Roosevelt to save Devils Tower and the Grand Canyon---to create 3 new National Monuments on ...
willyr 02/18/2015 74 112 1 -
Defense bill with wilderness & parks plus land giveaways beats cloture 85-14. 3 Dems & Sanders no
Today the Senate voted 85-14 for cloture on the public lands deal that is part of the House-passed National Defense Authorization Act . Ten right-wing Republicans were joined by Democratic Senators ...
willyr 12/11/2014 8 13 - -
Yes there's Dirt in the Defense Bill---Wilderness, parks and wild rivers too
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed by the House last week, and is likely to pass the Senate this coming week, even if Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) follows through on his threat ...
willyr 12/07/2014 9 17 1 -
Wilderness Act at 50---Much Remains Unprotected
Today is the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act , passed to protect public land from development, among other reasons. The Act initially protected 9 million acres, but since then Congress has ...
willyr 09/03/2014 11 16 - -
Obama to Expand California Coastal National Monument---Great! But What Should Be Next? Vote in Poll
From the Los Angeles Times : President Obama on Tuesday will use his executive powers to expand the California Coastal National Monument by adding the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands on the ...
willyr 03/10/2014 14 8 - -
Less than Zero: Republicans Fail League of Conservation Voters Test
If you came home from school waving your latest test in your hand, do you think your Mom and Pop would be glad to see a Big Fat *Zero* on it? Yeah, be neither. But that's what 48 House Republicans ...
willyr 02/12/2014 6 9 - -
Snap Poll: Which Democrat Do You Most Closely Identify With?
Which of these Democrats do you most closely identify with?
willyr 01/26/2014 58 4 - -
Snap Poll: Christie & Tricky
Which advice from Richard Nixon should Chris Christie follow?
willyr 01/09/2014 7 3 - -
Snap Pole: Dream Ticket--2016
Continuation from this Snap Pole: President 2016 : Without further explanation:
willyr 12/19/2013 16 3 - -
Snap Pole: President 2016
*[This Page Left Intentionally Blanque]*
willyr 12/16/2013 32 - - -
A Light Rinse Before 1968: Scanning NY Times Headlines
On August 31, 1967, Governor George Romney of Michigan was considered the front runner for the Republican nomination for president. Until he said something in an interview that was picked up by the ...
willyr 12/02/2013 4 5 - -
Interior Secretary to Congress: Protect our Jewels or else Obama Will
Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, in a speech to the National Press Club on October 31, said if Congress doesn't act to protect threatened public land, President Obama will. Jewell said she ...
willyr 11/08/2013 10 23 - -
August 1: The President remarks on Climate Change, Nuclear War, Civil Rights, Marriage Equality
As July turns to August, the president is still at the White House, and he has a few things on his mind. Not long ago he made some proposals about dealing with the threat of nuclear war, and people ...
willyr 08/01/2013 12 3 - -
When Hope Was Banned: Robert Kennedy in South Africa, June 1966
On Sunday, June 30, President Obama will speak at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, 47 years after Senator Robert Kennedy helped crack open the door of apartheid at the same university ...
willyr 06/29/2013 11 7 - -
Snap Poll: Worst GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Ever
Since there seems to be less than overwhelming enthusiasm for the prospective Vice Presidential Republican nominee, Paul Ryan, I offer this poll. Listed below are all the nominees for Vice ...
willyr 08/19/2012 35 4 - 347
The Walrus Is Paul: They Say it's Your Birthday
The man who gave us Blackbird , Rocky Raccoon , Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da , When I'm 64 , Michelle , Yesterday , and, and, and.... ...celebrates a birthday today. He ain't 64. But man what music he's ...
willyr 06/18/2012 22 7 1 92
April 4, 1968: Robert Kennedy, Violence and A Tiny Ripple of Hope
April 4, 1968 dawned with hope in the air. Less than a month before, anti-war Senator Eugene McCarthy had stunned the world by getting 42% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary, nearly beating ...
willyr 04/03/2012 43 59 3 282
If Hosni were Tricky Dick (with pole)
Hosni Mubarak's speech tonight probably would have been better received if he had taken a page from history. The speech he should have given *was* delivered on August 8, 1974. Here it is.....
willyr 02/10/2011 3 - - 132
The House voted early this afternoon to pass the Omnibus Public Lands Act that passed the Senate last week. *The vote was 285-140,* with 38 Republicans joining 247 Democrats in voting for it. 4 ...
willyr 03/25/2009 5 13 - 16
Senate passes 2 million acre wilderness bill--again
On Thursday, the Senate again overcame a filibuster threat from Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) and for the second time passed landmark legislation that would protect about 2 million acres of wilderness ...
willyr 03/20/2009 14 21 1 38
Public Lands Omnibus killed in House By 2 Votes
The House just voted on the Omnibus Public Lands bill S.22 that passed the Senate several weeks ago. It failed to ...
willyr 03/11/2009 28 22 1 198
Draft Meteor Blades for Governor (with pole)
California is running out of governors. Ahnuld can't run again, because of term limits (yay!), and other than former Governor-Mayor of Oakland-Attorney General-multi-year-Presidential candidate ...
willyr 02/26/2009 73 25 - 28
UPDATE Dems Win: Coburn filibuster of Public Lands Omnibus: First test for Reid?
(Updated and Cross-posted from an earlier diary on Congress Matters ) In an extraordinary Sunday session, the Senate will vote this ...
willyr 01/11/2009 55 27 - 29
Another last minute Interior Department land giveaway
Bush's Interior Department is making up its own laws now . Apparently not caring for the ones Congress passed, the Department has ...
willyr 12/05/2008 12 7 - 24
NY-25 Republicans STILL Can't Find a Candidate
Republicans are having a heck of a time finding someone to run for the NY-25 House seat being vacated by the retiring Jim Walsh. Walsh, who narrowly ...
willyr 03/27/2008 9 7 - 24
Hey..Look UP! A total eclipse RIGHT now
Take a break from politics for an hour or so, and check out the total eclipse of the moon tonight, starting at about 8:40 eastern time. It will be visible from the Rocky Mountains to the east ...
willyr 02/20/2008 45 14 - -
Arctic Refuge Filibuster Vote Tomorrow; Cheney Cuts Short Trip.
willyr 12/20/2005 74 46 1 29
Mass Legislature Rejects Gay Marriage Ban: Straights Quake in their Boots
willyr 09/14/2005 9 10 - -
Matheson won't run against Hatch, Internet Pioneer Will
willyr 04/13/2005 12 2 - -
Meteor Blades
willyr 04/11/2005 55 143 - 11
GOP Consultant Marries Gay Lover; Romney Chokes on Toast
willyr 04/09/2005 106 61 - 10
Bush: Well maybe I meant $350 million
willyr 12/31/2004 6 3 - -
Chafee says he's staying Republican
willyr 11/08/2004 29 1 - -
Panetta: A Recount Could be An Explosion
willyr 10/16/2004 17 7 - -
Florida Censors Enviro author Terry Williams; Election too close says University
willyr 10/11/2004 3 2 - -
Jim Stork may stay on ballot in Florida
willyr 10/09/2004 1 - - 2
Why We Are Proud to Be Americans--RFK
willyr 10/04/2004 5 5 - -
Bush today on the Draft---Who Believes THIS?
willyr 10/04/2004 19 1 - -
Want to Volunteer? Here are some options:
willyr 09/15/2004 6 10 - -
Log Off and Take Action
willyr 09/03/2004 7 7 - -
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