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The Grieving Room - My Tessa
It looks as though today was open so I'm just going to jump in here. I've been away from Kos during the primary wars and I know I won't be coming back regularly, but I sure need you all today. My ...
sj 06/09/2008 64 27 - 39
The Grieving Room - The Release Edition
This diary was inspired by this comment from last week's diary. I was struck by this observation: "Also, ...
sj 10/15/2007 43 12 - 1
The Grieving Room - What stage are you in?
Does this list sound familiar? Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Yep, those are the stages of grief defined as by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.
sj 07/30/2007 33 18 - 24
The Grieving Room - Post Holiday Reflections
It's been a few weeks since I volunteered to submit this week's entry. Lots of time, you know, to write something brilliant -- or at least thoughtful. And yet here I am, at the last minute, trying ...
sj 07/09/2007 40 10 2 151
The Grieving Room - a Monday night series
We are a family that loves our pets. My first memory is of the day my dad brought home a dog he’d found wandering by the railroad tracks. My Mom named her Tootsie, and her origins are a ...
sj 05/14/2007 24 10 - 51
Miles/Salazar - the media and the voters
sj 05/23/2004 26 - - 1
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