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This Should Should Scare The Living Crap Out of Every American
And here it is..... "There are world organizations for trade, health, the environment, telecoms, food. There are two black holes in world governance: finance, with its bursting ...
n00161 11/09/2008 124 9 - 26
The Greatest Redistribution of Wealth is About to Occur - From The Poor To The Rich!
The newest smear campaign from the McCain out of control campaign is to call Barack Obama a socialist. They claim his sound bite to "redistribute" wealth makes him a marxist. This, of course, is ...
n00161 10/26/2008 19 15 - 19
Mr. Obama.. Mr. McCain.. SHAME ON YOU for Voting for Pork. You Failed Your First Test
The give away is done in the Senate and unfortunately BOTH of our candidates for President have bowed to special interests and supported a pork laden bill. This is a disgrace and it shows that ...
n00161 10/01/2008 82 7 - 9
This Financial Crisis is Actually The End of Democracy in The US
There have been three distinct political groups in the United States over the last 20-30 years. Yes, I know there are an infinite number of variants to these groups but I put the political thoughts ...
n00161 09/22/2008 17 6 1 1
Addicts Have No One To Blame But Themselves... Does Not Mean We Should Not Hang The Pushers!!
I am a firm believer in personal accountability and I do think we, the spending and borrowing Americans, have to shoulder a lot of the blame for this financial mess. Yes, NY Wallstreeters were ...
n00161 09/21/2008 26 5 - -
Social Security
Imagine if they had been successful in privatizing social security? I keep thinking about how close we were to a complete meltdown of the retirement system (what little there is) in the United ...
n00161 09/16/2008 12 7 - -
The Final Implosion of The "Republican Revolution" - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
In every case, a major event has to occur to identify the final implosion of an a dangerous activity. Some call it "hitting rock bottom" some just say it is simply "the end". But, whatever you ...
n00161 09/07/2008 20 10 - 12
Family Research Council Against Governor Palin's Lifestyle
A very interesting development as we research the people who are supporting Governor Palin. First we learn that Palin's daughter is ...
n00161 09/01/2008 23 14 1 1
The Palin Decision - Tells Us A lot About McCain's Decison Making
Any student of business will tell you that selecting the right "talent" is the most critical and important job of any executive. Jack Welch and Bossidy, two titans of business, will tell you they ...
n00161 08/30/2008 16 3 - -
Problems With Hussein? Omar and Abizaid Al Qaeda Sympathizers?
I have listened now for about a month the "uproar" over Barack Obama's middle name. While we know ...
n00161 03/09/2008 3 1 1 10
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Endorses Barack Obama - My Thoughts
In a fairly tight race in Wisconsin, it appears Barack is starting to separate from the pack (that is Hillary). The JS ...
n00161 02/17/2008 7 6 - -
The Defining Momement. Barack Has Arrived.
Do you ever get that feeling that you have just witnessed a major event? Last night while watching the Democrat Debates, I had just that feeling. While clearly I am a big Barack supporter, I ...
n00161 01/06/2008 14 5 - 2
Obama: On The Right Side of The War - Judgement Proves Accurate
When I sit back and think what criteria I use to determine which candidate I will vote for I think of one word: Judgment. Why is judgment so important? It is important because no one knows what ...
n00161 01/01/2008 10 11 - 6
Sub-Prime Mess First, The Raiding of the 401(k) and Now The Credit Card Mess
I have been writing a lot about financial items lately because I see this as our next biggest albatross around the neck of America. While we fight in Iraq for God knows what, we ignore the true ...
n00161 12/24/2007 12 2 - -
Illegal immigrants packing up and leaving Arizona: This is Good
This is a great thing! CNN reports that illegal aliens are "self selecting" themselves out ...
n00161 12/22/2007 227 4 2 12
The Next Big Financial Crisis - The Raiding of 401(K)s and IRAs
I can hear it now. "No one told me that if I withdraw money from my 401(k) I would not have it when I retire"! Sadly, this is the next big area where we will find ourselves in trouble ...
n00161 12/21/2007 23 2 - 10
The Circle of "Financial Life" - Why The Subprime Problem Will Happen Again
Here is a prediction for all my readers: The Subprime Mortgage problem will occur again in 15 - 20 years (maybe sooner but my bet is a bit later). So, why do I say this?
n00161 12/20/2007 8 1 - 1
George Bush's Problem: He is An Ideologue
I have thought long about what is it that Bush signifies that makes me detest him so much. He has origins in a conservative wing so I wonder why I think he has failed since, generally, I am a ...
n00161 12/09/2007 19 - - 34
Why Helping People Facing Foreclosure is A Bad Idea
First, before everyone goes crazy, let me say I feel sorry for and can empathize with those who are facing foreclosure. Mostly, in this article, I am talking about those who are facing high ...
n00161 12/02/2007 298 28 - 7
We Are In A Massive Economic Downturn - Thoughts on Why and Ideas to Solve
I have pondered recently what I think the economy is doing and will do. The Pundit Review tries to ...
n00161 11/05/2007 18 14 1 -
Oh Woe is Michigan and Detroit - The Case of The Disappearing Economy
Note: Edited for Spelling only; Content remains the same. Note: This story was originally posted on The Command T.O.C. ...
n00161 10/21/2007 32 5 - 12
War is Politics by Another Means - And The Military Better Get Used to That
War is "continuation of politics (Politik) by other means" Carl von Clausewitz That has been the idea since time began that war is nothing more than just a continuation of ...
n00161 07/05/2007 1 1 - -
Soldiers Die for Bush's Friends Right to Make Cars in China - The Connection is Outed
When I first started The Command T.O.C. back in 2004 I commented how I thought it was interesting that Bush was sending kids to die yet ...
n00161 07/04/2007 4 8 - -
Bush - Refuses to Enforce Certain Laws and Violates Others...
In my writings on the illegal immigration situation and the GITMO prison situation I noticed a very clear pattern. This is we have a President who is perfectly fine with violating laws he disagrees ...
n00161 06/17/2007 7 9 - -
The Democratic Party Should Be Ashamed
The Democratic Party has officially capitulated to the war mongering fascist ...
n00161 05/29/2007 27 9 - 28
Government Under Reports Inflation - A "Cruel" Tax
Have you ever asked yourself that question when the Government comes out with their great statistics showing inflation at 2% - 3%? This question was accurately evaluated in a Reuters article ...
n00161 05/27/2007 21 10 - -
Why Stop a War When it Is So Profitable?
War has always been profitable. That is a given and I think no one would argue with that. However, until recently, there had always been an offset to that profitability. Meaning most families were ...
n00161 04/15/2007 14 9 - 12
$1bl in Bonuses?? Where is the "Volunteer" in The "All Volunteer Force"?
Back on February 4th, I commented both on the Daily KOS ...
n00161 04/14/2007 50 7 - -
The Broken Army - Worse Than I Thought
I have posted on my own blog for over two years about the breaking of the Army. Having been a soldier myself for over 9 years, I knew when the Iraq war started ...
n00161 04/08/2007 15 17 1 11
The Binary Thinking Of The Right Wing
I recently received an email from a reader who is upset about my " Blackfive Watch ". Here is the email in it's ...
n00161 02/13/2007 17 5 - -
Bush Lead Up to War With Iran Same as Iraq - Instant Replay
An interesting part of this whole Iraqi war / right wing nut adventure has been watching the wing nuts implode on themselves. Today, if you read any wingnut blog you will continually read about ...
n00161 02/11/2007 10 13 - -
A Bad Week for The Right Wing Nuts - More on The Military
Let's see what has been happening this week while most of us were out working. First, the Republicans decided the biggest issue in the Country today was ...
n00161 02/10/2007 8 7 - -
Arkin Was Right - We Do Have a Mercenary Army and They Do Owe Us!
All hell has broken loose on the right wing Milblogs concerning an article William Arkin ...
n00161 02/04/2007 99 14 1 28
Republicans (and The US) Are Victims of Their Own Propoganda
One of the biggest lessons we learn in business is to always remain humble and "never believe your own press". As I have reflected on the disaster that this Country has had to endure ...
n00161 02/03/2007 8 9 1 1
The Army Erosion - Reliance on IRR and The Back Door Draft
I have written many times about the erosion of the United States Army's capability to wage large scale war. Our equipment is in shambles (one major reason why it is taking so long to get a mere 21,...
n00161 01/28/2007 13 25 2 234
New Evidence Pointing to The Hollowing Out of The Army - It is Real and Scary
For over 2 years now I have been blogging at The Command T.O.C. that one of the most devastating impacts of the war in Iraq will be (and now is) the ...
n00161 01/21/2007 46 39 2 28
More Evidence of Our "Goading" Iran Into War
There is more and more evidence that the war for Iran is in the "brewing" stage (We have moved an extra carrier to striking distance, Patriot missiles into Iraq and Admiral Fallon is ...
n00161 01/13/2007 41 6 - -
10 Steps To Fix The United States' Militaristic Policies
I have read a lot lately about the incompetence of the Army in fighting the Iraq war and, of course, the plan to escalate the war through Bush's new ...
n00161 01/07/2007 14 10 2 -
American Enterprise Institute Is Setting Policy for Iraq
As I predicted in my post of January 1, 2007, it is becoming very clear that President Bush has ...
n00161 01/06/2007 45 41 3 165
Navy to Run The War in Iraq - Admiral Taking Over Centcom
I have written for a while that the statements of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld that say, "We are giving the Generals everything they are asking for" served two purposes. First, it propped up the generals ...
n00161 01/05/2007 56 17 1 10
Bush Ignores The Will of the People - Time to Starve Him
So, given that it appears President Bush will ignore the will of the people and conduct an ESCALATION of the war in Iraq, the question is posed: What do we do about it? But, before I answer this ...
n00161 01/03/2007 8 4 - 8
The Strategy For War Leaves Much Unanswered
I am doing a lot of thinking about how we entered into the strategy of preventive war and once there, why did we botch it so badly? There are many things to be angry about when it comes to the Iraq ...
n00161 01/01/2007 9 4 1 23
Army Times Calls for Rumsfeld Resignation
n00161 11/04/2006 5 - - 1
The End of America as A Set of Bold New Ideas
n00161 10/21/2006 1 1 1 -
The Army Public Affairs Makes News Vanish into Thin Air (Or, not, Thanks to Google)
n00161 07/05/2006 10 11 3 1
More Evidence of The Destruction of The Army
n00161 07/04/2006 4 6 - -
Why Stop The War When We Are Making So Much Money?
n00161 06/25/2006 6 2 1 -
What Does The Death of Al Zarqawi Mean
n00161 06/10/2006 16 - 2 -
The Military is being Set up for A Fall by... BUSH!
n00161 05/28/2006 6 6 - 6
The Hypocrisy of the Right Wing
n00161 04/29/2006 6 1 - -
Why The Standing Army is Dangerous to Our Country
n00161 04/16/2006 12 5 1 1
The Individual Ready Reserve Force Recall Continues
n00161 04/15/2006 9 6 1 -
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