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The GOP: Sore Losers - Need a Time-Out (Nobel Peace Prize Reaction)
This morning, the President of the United States of America was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Regardless of political affiliation or differences, this is an honor for which every American citizen ...
dawnt 10/09/2009 15 15 1 30
AZ Sheriff Loses 287g ICE Immigration-Enforcement Authority: Critical Moment for Immigration Reform
I usually lurk and read (occasionally comment). But we are at a seminal moment in immigration reform, and I didn't see any diaries here about today's important development on 287g. 287g is the ...
dawnt 10/05/2009 321 393 6 341
ASU Says Obama Too Inexperienced for Honorary Degree
By now you may have heard that ASU is not planning to confer an honorary degree on President Obama when he gives the commencement speech there in June. A few local media outlets have written about ...
dawnt 04/09/2009 374 158 2 40
Arizonans: URGENT Action Needed, "Why are you cutting lives?"
The quote in the title, "Why are you cutting lives?" are the words of a disabled man who spoke last night at the budget hearing about proposed budget cuts that would affect him directly. The ...
dawnt 01/30/2009 11 22 2 19
Help These Kids Help Jim Martin
While Americans are trampling each other in stores across the country thanks to the greed permeating our society, some noble college kids have forgone Thanksgiving with their families and forgone ...
dawnt 11/28/2008 13 30 4 349
John McCain Losing It in Arizona?
Although John McCain was ahead in his home state by 14 points at the end of September, a spate of new polls reveals a substantial shift, putting Democratic nominee Barack Obama well within ...
dawnt 10/27/2008 23 29 1 11
McCain-Palin & the Lucificer effect: PsyOps against Obama
At this point, most reasonable people understand that John McCain and Sarah Palin have engaged in rhetoric that has incited hate and fear. I do not have my PhD, but I am a research assistant in a ...
dawnt 10/24/2008 64 46 7 89
AZ-GOP Wants Robo Calls Stopped -- To Save Themselves Money
On Thursday, the day after the final presidential debate, the national Republican National Committee (RNC) launched one of the most wide-...
dawnt 10/17/2008 10 4 - 2
McCain: Smug, Angry, Inept, and Gauche
Throughout the debate, two questions kept going through my mind: (1) Why does McCain keep making that smug smiley face? You know the one. That superior, disdainful smirk that ...
dawnt 10/15/2008 18 9 - -
Sign Thieves Caught Red-Handed Stealing Obama Signs
Although this may be one of the most emotional and hotly contested presidential elections in decades, the theft and vandalism of political signs are nothing new. Every election season, candidate ...
dawnt 10/15/2008 56 78 5 38
"Yes to Hate on 102"
Prop 102, if passed, would define marriage as "between one man and one woman." I know vandalism is bad, but I really do like the extra description someone added to these signs:
dawnt 10/13/2008 33 16 1 26
WWII Vet Given Non-Apology Apology for Politicizing His Photo
Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) recently released a television advertisement in which he used a (possibly ...
dawnt 10/10/2008 11 17 - 21
Biden Schedule Cancelled: Family Illness (Bayh & Hillary stepping in)
Biden's spokesperson, David Wade: The campaign has cancelled Sen. Biden's schedule today and tomorrow because of a serious illness in Jill Biden's family. Hospice has advised the Bidens ...
dawnt 10/04/2008 281 504 5 31
Channel 73 on Dish Network Is Now the Obama Channel (w/Pics)
That's right. The Obama campaign has made possibly the most unusual media buy of any presidential campaign. They have bought an entire channel on the Dish satellite network. More after the jump..
dawnt 10/01/2008 89 53 2 51
The Big Bailout: Where We Are & How We Got Here
Although it might be oversimplified in some areas (and a little long), I think, though, that I succeeded in making both the history and the current bill easy to understand. It is incumbent on ...
dawnt 10/01/2008 7 6 - 14
In McCain's AZ: Debate a Fundamental Disaster for McCain
Even here in McCain's hometown, Obama was the clear winner of the debate. I attended a debate watching party at a restaurant in McCain's home town. Democrats for America (DFA) had a private banquet ...
dawnt 09/27/2008 21 22 - 19
Don't Take November Win For Granted
Amid the frustrations over the economic crisis, government-sanctioned torture, illegal domestic spying programs, illegal partisan firings of U.S. Attorneys, blatant lies by the McCain campaign, and ...
dawnt 09/22/2008 27 8 - -
Help Needed: 1 of Obama's Top 10 Must Win Counties
Talked to a young man who worked for the Obama campaign here in Arizona during the primaries earlier today. He's the Northwest Deputy Regional Field Director in Missouri, and he was emailing and ...
dawnt 09/08/2008 19 15 - 4
Are you going to a platform meeting? Take this with you!
It is going to take a lot of hard work to restore all of our constitutional rights and roll back the abuses of power of the Bush administration over the last eight years. Attending the Obama ...
dawnt 07/21/2008 16 21 2 30
Skelly (TX-7) Launches 1st TV Ad
Last week wind energy executive Michael Skelly (D, TX-7) announced that he has $1 million cash on hand and was ready ...
dawnt 07/15/2008 11 14 - 2
"Long Shot" Candidate Has $1 Million Cash on Hand
Lots of people thought that Michael Skelly (D) would be a long shot against incumbent John Culberson (R) for the 7th Congressional district of Texas. He started with little name recognition but ...
dawnt 07/11/2008 10 8 - 9
FISA - It's NOT Over
First of all, we are asking everyone to contact their Senators and hold them accountable if they voted for yesterday's FISA bill (or thank them if they voted against it). We've put up an online tool ...
dawnt 07/10/2008 44 25 1 35
Lay off Obama, Don't take November for granted
I've been reading with dismay the messages on the newest, fastest-growing MyBO group, SenatorObama-PleaseVoteAgainstFISA. Many (not all) of those people are really taking things too far. They are ...
dawnt 07/02/2008 1088 418 10 57
Obama Grassroots Taking Over McCainland
Here's to making McCain spend money and spread his resources thin trying to protect his "safe" states... Last week the McCain ...
dawnt 06/20/2008 10 13 - 3
McCain Acknowledges That He Could Lose in Arizona: Calls It a Swing State
The McCain campaign's election strategy briefing , published on his website this morning, reveals that the campaign has accepted a remarkable ...
dawnt 06/10/2008 32 19 2 18
Almost Blue: The Obama-Dean Western Campaign: Congressional Edition
With the primaries behind us, attention is quickly turning to the possibility of a map-changing election in November. The long, intense primary created a formidable Democratic machine. Notably, the ...
dawnt 06/10/2008 6 18 2 8
Clinton's speech was a Rorschach test
In observing the myriad articles, blogs, interviews, and commentaries on Clinton's concession-endorsement speech yesterday, it strikes me that she could have stood on her head while pledging her ...
dawnt 06/08/2008 26 13 1 16
Meanwhile, in McCainland... A Whole Lot of Nothing
I live here, in John McCain's roundhouse, in the Maverick's back yard, the home state of the Republican Party's presumptive nominee. I signed up at the McCain's website a month or so ago to see how ...
dawnt 06/05/2008 16 10 - -
Today, I Cried (Local Video)
NOTE: I tried to post this earlier today but the video did not work correctly. Now it's been uploaded to YouTube, so I'm re-posting. Also cross-posted ...
dawnt 06/03/2008 11 7 2 38
Smithsonian: Obama Making History and Marking Time
dawnt 06/02/2008 5 6 1 10
#4 Live-Blogging from Inside The RBC Room
dawnt 05/31/2008 410 42 3 16
Clinton: Taking It to the Convention for FL-MI
Cross-posted at MyDD . The rumors of the demise of Clinton's Florida-Michigan demands for 100% seating have been greatly ...
dawnt 05/30/2008 155 40 1 53
Michelle Obama in Phoenix: "Fear Is a Useless Emotion"
Cross-posted at HuffingtonPost . Tuesday, George Bush and Michelle Obama each traversed McCain's ...
dawnt 05/29/2008 442 726 45 236
Obama Has Begun the VP Search and Vetting Process
According to several articles this morning, Obama has begun the process of shortlisting and vetting VP candidates. According to Democratic officials, James Johnson, who vetted VP candidates for ...
dawnt 05/22/2008 57 16 2 13
Why John Edwards' Timing is Perfect
Cross-posted at Huffington Post . A lot is being said right now to the effect of, "What took him ...
dawnt 05/14/2008 60 53 1 19
What Joe Trippi Wishes He Told Edwards
I just read an article written by Joe Trippi in Campaigns and Elections Magazine about what ...
dawnt 05/13/2008 81 33 - 42
Is West Virginia Welcome in Your Democratic Party?
It will take more than hope for West Virginia. It will take hard work and understanding. It will take city liberals getting off of their high horses and coming down to our level -- the level of ...
dawnt 05/12/2008 1217 1199 67 355
Mythbusting: Your Obama Donations Will NOT Pay Clinton Debt!
An awful lot of people are saying that they will not give any more money to Obama until they get clarification or confirmation from him saying that their hard earned dollars will not be given to ...
dawnt 05/10/2008 31 40 1 68
Obama Camp May Approve Michigan Delegate Deal
Yesterday (Wednesday), the Michigan Democratic Party Executive Committee voted to propose a compromise to the DNC rules committee for seating Michigan delegates (the rules committee ...
dawnt 05/08/2008 68 23 - 36
Our Tent is Not as Big as We Pretend It Is
Cross-posted at MyDD . Now that the pundits have called the nomination for Obama and some Clinton supporters are calling for ...
dawnt 05/07/2008 84 21 1 20
Fuzzy Phonebanking: DNC Caller Stumping for Clinton?
I had a phone call last night from Telefund. The caller said she was calling on behalf of ...
dawnt 04/30/2008 22 25 - 30
Obama's Website Hacked - Links Redirected! & Laptops stolen from campaign office! (UPDATED w/video)
UPDATE II: I think they have fixed it. The links are working / not working intermittently are working. Also, watch the video if you had trouble finding the redirects. I ...
dawnt 04/19/2008 100 36 22 80
Michelle Obama's College Roommate Wanted All-White Dorm
There has been much ado about Michelle Obama's college thesis in which she described feeling like an outsider at Princeton -- a ...
dawnt 04/15/2008 328 375 18 209
Clinton Is Losing Support Among Women in the Polls
One of Pennsylvania's dailies has released an article tonight that provides evidence that Clinton is losing support among women , ...
dawnt 04/12/2008 54 37 1 20
For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country
I admit it. I don't get it. I don't understand. I grew up in a military family, and I was taught, maybe even indoctrinated, that Americans don't torture. We shouldn't torture. We won't torture. ...
dawnt 04/12/2008 42 53 1 8
Double-Dealing Delegates? Obama Scrubs California Delegate List to Prevent Poaching (UPDATE IV)
Update IV: All prospective delegates have been reinstated. Obama is taking Clinton at her word that pledged delegates are in play and taking strong measures to ensure pledged delegates are ...
dawnt 04/10/2008 42 25 2 25
The State of Clinton Campaign Finances: A Comprehensive Review
As we all know, the Clinton campaign has had some financial difficulties. I did some reading today to get a better overall picture of the Clinton finances, and I am sharing my findings in this diary.
dawnt 04/08/2008 68 63 6 32
Mark Penn NOT REALLY Stepping Down: Smoke & Mirrors
Rumors of Mark Penn's demise have been greatly exaggerated. I am writing this diary to try to set the record straight. Mark Penn did not resign. Mark Penn was not fired. In fact, this is just ...
dawnt 04/06/2008 358 375 11 54
Clinton Foundation: Transparency Can Be Sold: UPDATED
Well, as you all know, the tax returns are out, and reporters, bloggers, and activists are pouring over them. The New York Times noticed something interesting: claimed deductions for $10.
dawnt 04/05/2008 57 15 2 20
General to HRC's Vet Supporters: Her Dishonor Is Your Dishonor (UPDATED)
Major General (Retired) Walter L. Stewart, Jr. has written an open letter to Hillary Clinton in which ...
dawnt 03/28/2008 116 54 3 28
Is America Turning Left? (Not a Candidate Diary)
A lot of people have been theorizing lately that America is turning blue, steering left, becoming more liberal. There's a lot of talk about Obama being the most liberal presidential candidate yet ...
dawnt 03/27/2008 56 21 4 139
Bloomberg Introducing Obama at Tomorrow's Speech on the Economy
Tomorrow in Manhattan, Obama will be giving a speech on the economy, and Bloomberg will be introducing him. The Obama campaign says it is not an endorsement but that Bloomberg will ...
dawnt 03/26/2008 64 34 1 23
"Bring Us Some Hope" from Erie, Pennsylvania
I've been making regular donations to the Obama campaign for the last couple of months. I've always left the "story" field blank. But tonight I was feeling a little more impassioned. I was thinking ...
dawnt 03/24/2008 19 20 - 7
Postcards to Pennsylvania Voters Project
Bloggers like to write, so this should be a project you can all sink your teeth into -- and it's a quick, easy way to provide the Obama campaign with some real, on the ground assistance in ...
dawnt 03/22/2008 19 14 6 1
Chatting with the guy from Illinois with the funny name
Way back in 2004, I was working for a union. Part of my job was to create and manage a handful of websites. One of the websites was an online election center where we graded the policy positions of ...
dawnt 03/16/2008 183 416 34 122
Extorting the DNC.
The Hillary campaign has now resorted to rounding up high dollar donors and cajoling them to participate in a truly shameless strategy. HRC donors ...
dawnt 03/14/2008 21 12 1 13
Bring back hope.
What Geraldine Ferrero is doing is most certainly a calculated attempt to draw attention to Barack Obama's race and to marginalize him as "the black candidate" in Pennsylvania, a state where even ...
dawnt 03/12/2008 15 5 - -
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