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Climate Bill Analysis: Renewable Electricity Standard Severely Weakened
This is part VII of an ongoing Breakthrough Institute series analyzing the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security ...
WattHead 05/29/2009 10 23 1 265
Climate Bill is All About the Coal Hard Cash
Yesterday, Congress began the debate that will determine our nation's energy future. Congressmen Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Ed Markey (D-MA)
WattHead 04/01/2009 11 12 1 26
Economic Stimulus, Clean Energy and the Scale of Our Challenge: Grading Stimulus Energy Investments
By Professor Gregory Bothun and Jesse Jenkins Earlier this week, President Barack Obama signed into law the $787 billion economic ...
WattHead 02/19/2009 24 27 1 248
BREAKING: Obama Pledges to Regulate CO2 from Coal Plants
Originally posted at WattHead - Energy News and Commentary President Barack Obama's Environmental Protection ...
WattHead 02/17/2009 32 31 - 27
A New Paradigm in Energy Innovation: Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes
The Brookings Institution officially unveiled a new proposal yesterday calling ...
WattHead 02/10/2009 12 11 - 20
What If We Took the Coal Industry's "Clean Coal" Promises At Their Word
Originally posted at WattHead - Energy News and Commentary The coal industry has an image problem . They ...
WattHead 02/04/2009 15 26 1 169
Tests Show Toxic Water Contamination After Tennessee Coal Sludge Disaster
Coal sludge contains dangerously elevated concentrations of arsenic, EPA says Cross-posted ...
WattHead 01/02/2009 21 35 2 19
Obama Taps Green Jobs Champion Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary
President-elect Barack Obama has tapped green jobs and immigrant rights champion Representative Hilda Solis (D-CA) to head ...
WattHead 12/18/2008 13 11 - 3
RFK Jr Condemns Bush Administration's Loot and Run Environmental Tactics and Mountain Top Removal
From our friends at Appalachian Voices : ...
WattHead 12/12/2008 27 12 1 3
Stop Stalling: Time to Hit the Reset Button on Detroit
Cross-posted from the Breakthrough Institute Last night, the US House of ...
WattHead 12/11/2008 43 4 - 2
Too Big To Fail? Too Big, Period.
Cross-posted from the Breakthrough Institute and WattHead - Energy News and Commentary The executives ...
WattHead 12/05/2008 76 8 - 16
Bush Continues "Loot and Run" Strategy, Wins Approval to Expand Mountain Top Removal
Cross-posted from WattHead - Energy News and Commentary Like a losing army that loots and then sets fire to a village before retreating, the Bush ...
WattHead 12/03/2008 6 19 - 18
Blast! Coal Company Recieves Permit to Destroy Coal River Mountain
Originally posted at WattHead - Energy News and ...
WattHead 11/26/2008 15 28 1 36
Waxman Bests Dingell in Contest Over Influential House Committee
Cross-posted from the Breakthrough Institute and WattHead - Energy News and Commentary Representative ...
WattHead 11/20/2008 5 9 - 4
Huge Legal Ruling Blocks All US Coal Development
Cross-posted from WattHead - Energy News and Commentary BREAKING NEWS: The Sierra Club just won a HUGE legal ...
WattHead 11/13/2008 34 59 4 80
Can America ReInvent the Auto Industry?
Cross-posted from the Breakthrough Institute In 2005, with GM and Ford teetering perilously close to bankruptcy,
WattHead 11/12/2008 56 15 2 36
President-elect Barack Obama's New Energy Mandate, Part 2
Part 2: Dos and Don'ts Cross-posted from the Breakthrough ...
WattHead 11/07/2008 7 7 - 3
President-elect Barack Obama's New Energy Mandate, Part 1
Building a New Energy Economy Energy policy has never featured more prominently in a presidential election. Both candidates leaned strongly on their energy agendas during ...
WattHead 11/06/2008 31 30 4 211
People Power Fuels Obama's Campaign for Change
There are two kinds of power in the world: money, and people. (And what I've seen today shows that when people pool their money, the latter can trump the former.) I just returned from a thirteen ...
WattHead 11/02/2008 5 4 - 3
Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski Unveils Clean Energy Agenda for 2009
Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski unveiled the ambitious clean energy agenda he hopes to see implemented by the 2009 Oregon Legislature on Monday. Following up ...
WattHead 10/30/2008 23 16 1 7
Obama's Top Priority: Spark a New Energy Economy
Barack Obama's top priority if elected president is to launch an Apollo-style national project to build a new, clean energy economy. That's ...
WattHead 10/27/2008 14 18 1 502
McNoShow McCain Not the Clean Energy Supporter He Says He Is
As readers of my blog may remember, I've been pretty critical of John McCain's attempts to paint himself as an ...
WattHead 10/24/2008 5 9 1 4
OR-Sen: Elect Energy Smart Jeff Merkley and Give Obama the Team He Needs
Help elect Jeff Merkley to the United States ...
WattHead 10/23/2008 27 15 - 1
A Political Earthquake: Pelosi's Democratic House Passes Pro-Drilling Bill
When Nancy Pelosi's Democratic House passes a pro-drilling bill, you're looking at nothing less than a political earthquake. We're witnessing a fundamental realignment of the energy ...
WattHead 09/17/2008 42 24 2 19
A Pivotal Moment
With both parties heading into their national conventions still sparring over energy policy and Americans focused on energy prices as never before, a game-changing shift is occurring in ...
WattHead 08/26/2008 6 8 - 12
Democrats Are Losing the Battle of the Century
No, it's not the 2008 election. It's the fight over the future of American energy policy. And Democrats are getting trounced by a disciplined Republican offensive on oil drilling. According ...
WattHead 08/07/2008 97 28 - 24
Our New Sputnik Moment
Teryn Norris and I published two op-eds this week, one in the San Francisco Chronicle and one in the Baltimore Sun , outlining a proposal for a National Energy Education Act: "
WattHead 07/31/2008 4 11 - 4
Some Refreshing Common Sense! BLM Removes Solar Roadblock
Well ask and you shall receive I guess... On monday, my colleague and I called on the federal Bureau of Land ...
WattHead 07/02/2008 34 40 - 34
Energy Delayers, Get Out Of The Way: A New American Energy Future Awaits
By Helen Aki and Jesse Jenkins, cross-posted from the Breakthrough Blog Just as the time becomes ...
WattHead 06/30/2008 6 11 - 7
Igniting a Clean Energy Economy and Winning the Frame Game: Tackling Costs Head-on
Cross-posted from the Breakthrough Blog ...
WattHead 06/03/2008 8 12 3 173
John McCain Stumps on Climate from Stumptown, Oregon
Post Summary: Presidential contender John McCain delivered a major speech today outlining his climate ...
WattHead 05/13/2008 13 9 1 1
Barack Obama Shows Off His Energy Smarts on Gas Tax Holiday
As the ad campaigns intensified before tonight's primaries, Hillary Clinton made the seriously Energy Dumb decision to ...
WattHead 05/06/2008 2 7 - 27
Hillary Clinton Supports Seriously Energy Dumb Gas Tax "Holiday"
Hillary Clinton and John McCain support seriously Energy Dumb gas tax holiday There's Energy Smart, ...
WattHead 05/05/2008 5 9 - 8
Buckeye State Goes Green: Ohio Passes Renewable Energy Standard
The Ohio state Senate unanimously passed legislation setting strong new renewable energy and energy efficiency standards last week, sending the bill on to Governor Ted Strickland for signature.
WattHead 04/30/2008 10 13 - 23
WSJ Says: Don't Bet on LNG to Reduce US Natural Gas Prices
Econ 101 taught us increased supply = lower prices. That's the main argument for new liquefied natural gas import terminals. Unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal warns things are a bit ...
WattHead 04/29/2008 23 13 - 38
This Earth Day, Act Blue for an Energy Smart Congress
On Earth Day, we celebrate our unique blue planet and look for ways to advance a sustainable future. So this Earth Day, let's Act Blue ...
WattHead 04/22/2008 5 15 - 28
Hillary Clinton Loves Her Some Coal
In an interview on West Virginia Public Radio this morning, Hillary Clinton revealed ...
WattHead 03/19/2008 17 22 1 91
Beyond 80% by '50 to a Climate Positive Vision - a New Philosophy and Goal for the Climate Movement
By Morgan Goodwin, Jesse Jenkins and Juliana Williams Two ...
WattHead 03/18/2008 30 28 1 178
These Guys Are No Fossil Fools! Markey and Waxman Call for Ban on New Coal Plants
Ed Markey and Henry Waxman are no Fossil Fools ! The two ...
WattHead 03/12/2008 11 27 - 26
Beyond Al Gore and Inconvenient Truths: A New Generation, A New Vision, a New Dream
Al Gore, the erstwhile trumpeter of inconvenient truths and dire warnings of climate catastrophe has ...
WattHead 03/10/2008 51 20 - 179
Obama and Clinton Both Talking Up "Clean" Coal in Primary States
Both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton have solid energy plans that, if implemented, would take ...
WattHead 03/07/2008 19 12 2 160
Beating Back the Coal Rush: Feds Suspend Subsidized Loan Program for Rural Coal Plants
In another big victory in the fight against the coal rush, the feds apparently suspended a major loan program ...
WattHead 03/05/2008 14 20 - 158
Oil Hits Record Price. Gas Nearing $4.00. President Bush, Clueless...
Happy Friday! Oil hit record-prices today : $103.05 per barrel. Bully for us...That tops the inflation adjusted ...
WattHead 02/29/2008 17 18 - 159
A Spooked Coal Industry Fights Back, Trying to Buy 2008 Elections
The coal industry, ...
WattHead 02/27/2008 33 35 3 210
Midwest Oil Refineries Gobble Up Canadian Tar Sands, Spew Greenhouse Gasses
Midwest oil refineries are gobbling up more and more crude oil from Canadian tar sands and are set to belch out up to 40 percent more greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade.
WattHead 02/13/2008 18 16 - 26
Take Action to Support a Sustainable, Just Economic Stimulus
[ Guest post by Billy Parish ] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was in Memphis 40 years ago, where he was assassinated, to help support the long struggle of the city's sanitation workers for ...
WattHead 01/21/2008 5 11 1 155
Can MLK's Dream Be Reborn in the Economic Stimulus Package?
When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated forty years ago in Memphis, he was calling for a campaign that would unite the poor and working classes of all races behind a shared economic future. ...
WattHead 01/20/2008 9 3 - 142
Bush Admin Delays Polar Bear Decision; Meanwhile Arctic Oil & Gas Lease Sales Set to Go
[ This is a guest post by fellow WattHead blogger, Alisha Fowler: ] The polar bear was once the world’s most formidable predator. It now lies on the brink of extinction due to global ...
WattHead 01/08/2008 4 18 - 20
Bush Administration Proposes $10 Billion Christmas Present From Joe Taxpayer to Big Oil
Merry Christmas, Big Oil! Love, President Bush That's what it must have said on the holiday card delivered today by the White House to ExxonMobil executives along with ...
WattHead 12/24/2007 18 17 2 154
Yuletide Gifts From D.C.: Reflections on a Frustrating Week of Federal Energy, Climate Politics
It's been a long frustrating week of political shenanigans in Washington D.C... While we were ...
WattHead 12/19/2007 5 6 - 1
U.S. Finally Dragged Kicking And Screaming into UN Climate Deal
Apparently the United States delegation to the Bali International Climate Negotiations - well the fake delegation , ...
WattHead 12/15/2007 10 11 1 1
Senate Energy Bill: 59-40 ... for now
Note: This is a guest post by fellow WattHead blogger, Alisha Fowler:
WattHead 12/13/2007 25 19 1 39
Keeping Up the Power Shift: Senate Set to Take Second Stab at Energy Bill
Bits and pieces of information are coming in today indicating that the Senate is gearing up to take a ...
WattHead 12/12/2007 6 13 1 15
Pelosi Cobbles Together Strong Energy Bill - Heading for Showdown in Senate
After long hours of negotiations that have stretched long into the night for the past week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to have cobbled together a deal that will ...
WattHead 12/05/2007 18 20 - 17
Billy Parish Tells Congress "This Young Generation is Ready to Carry Out a Historic Power Shift"
The following is the testimony delivered by Energy Action Coalition co-founder and coordinator, Billy Parish before the House Select Committee on Global Warming and Energy Independence ...
WattHead 11/23/2007 5 10 - 144
Don't Turn Down the Heat: Changing Lightbulbs Isn't Enough to Stop Global Warming
[This is a guest post by fellow WattHead blogger, Alex Tinker:] Riding your bike to work and changing your light bulbs may make you feel like ...
WattHead 11/21/2007 11 11 1 -
Our Urgent Opportunity: Fighting for a Sustainable, Just, and Prosperous Future
This is the text of a speech I delivered today at a rally in Portland, Oregon, highlighting today's release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change'...
WattHead 11/17/2007 5 4 - 36
"Young Activists are Shifting the Power" on Global Warming Says Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
The thousands of students and youth at Power Shift 2007 must have made an impression on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, who attended the ...
WattHead 11/14/2007 4 13 - -
Time Magazine Says Its Time for Washington D.C. to Listen to the Millenials on Global Warming
"With the Millennials set to be the largest demographic bloc in America history, it might be time for Washington to listen" to them when it comes to Climate Change, says Time Magazine ...
WattHead 11/12/2007 11 14 3 22
Time to Keep Up the Power Shift: Legislative Shenanigans Underway on Congressional Energy Bill
At Power Shift this past weekend, we heard that the Congressional Energy Bill was a critical down payment on a clean and prosperous energy future, ...
WattHead 11/08/2007 7 13 1 153
Majora Carter Says Showing Up For Climate Solutions is MORE Than Half the Battle
GI Joe has got it wrong, according to Majora Carter, the dynamic Executive Director of Sustainable South Bronx . Carter, who works to connect poverty ...
WattHead 11/01/2007 2 7 - 44
Michael Shellenberger Says It's Time for a Breakthrough on Climate Change (Part 2)
In the second and final part of our interview with Michael Shellenberger, the Energy Action Coalition and the Power ...
WattHead 10/31/2007 1 4 - 64
Michael Shellenberger Says It's Time For A Breakthrough on Climate Change
Youth climate activists must shift their focus from simply avoiding the impending global warming apocalypse to articulating a vision of a new prosperous and sustainable clean energy economy, says ...
WattHead 10/30/2007 8 11 1 38
Bill McKibben Says It's Time to "Organize, Organize, Organize" for a Cleaner Future
Bill McKibben has three pieces of advice for people who want to make a difference in the fight against global warming: "1: Organize. 2. Organize. 3. ...
WattHead 10/29/2007 6 6 2 155
Global Warming Claims Island Community, Displaces 2,000 in Papua New Guinea
The 2,000 residents of the Carteret Islands in Papua New Guinea are now some of the world's first climate change refuges, as rising sea levels driven by global warming have claimed their ...
WattHead 10/27/2007 30 18 1 43
Generation Anything-But-Quiet: Just Wait for the Noise at Power Shift 2007!
The Youth Climate Movement is poised to explode off of campuses and into our nation’s capitol for PowerShift 2007, November 2nd-5th. Thomas Friedman, the popular New York Times ...
WattHead 10/26/2007 1 3 - 2
Watch Out for the Echo-Boom: Why Politicians Had Better Start Paying Attention to the Millennials
80 million teens and twenty-somethings are ready to make their mark on American politics. Is the growing youth climate movement - now poised to explode off campuses and into the nation'...
WattHead 10/24/2007 8 16 2 147
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