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Video: Presidents Clinton and Obama on Fire in Virginia
Saturday night in Bristow, Virginia, President Clinton joined President Obama for an energy-filled rally in front of an estimated 24,000. If you didn't get to catch their speeches live, the video of ...
MBishop1 11/03/2012 62 124 5 -
Two New Obama TV Ads - Clinton: "He's Got It Right" / 2000 Flashback: "537"
Following up on his previous "Clear Choice" ad for Obama and his brilliant DNC speech, President Bill Clinton has cut a new direct-to-camera ad for President Obama: . . Transcript: President Bill ...
MBishop1 10/24/2012 25 28 1 -
NBC/WSJ - Obama LEADS - Wisconsin: 51-45, Iowa: 51-43 (Update: 538 +4.7 Win %)
The Wall Street Journal and NBC just released two swing states polls by Marist: Wisconsin - Obama 51-45 (prev. Obama 50-45, 9/16-18) Iowa - Obama 51-43 (prev. Obama 50-42, 9/16-18) Both among ...
MBishop1 10/18/2012 371 177 1 1
Romney Now Says He Was "Completely Wrong" on the 47% (Video)
Clearly, Romney had been hoping that Obama would hit him on the 47 percent comments in the debate because he had this retraction teed up. Instead, he had to deliver it on Hannity's show in front of ...
MBishop1 10/04/2012 138 119 2 1554
New Obama TV Ad Hits Romney on Investment in Chinese Company Global-Tech
The "who's tougher on China" ad wars continue with this one hitting Romney on his investment in Global Tech, which manufactured appliances under sweatshop conditions: . TRANSCRIPT: "These ...
MBishop1 10/01/2012 4 8 - 96
Obama's new two minute TV ad - "Table"
On Wednesday, word came that Obama For America would be purchasing slots for two minute TV ads to run September 28th through October 4th. Here is the ad, an economic message where Obama lays out ...
MBishop1 09/26/2012 150 308 4 2927
CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac - Obama CRUSHING Romney in Ohio, Florida, PA
This is what it looks like when a race breaks open. President Obama has seen favorable poll numbers in all three states, but the Ohio and Florida results are shocking blowouts. The New York Times, ...
MBishop1 09/26/2012 294 289 5 2820
Obama Administration filing auto industry trade case against China (Ohio electoral angle)
The NY Times reports that, just as the Obama and Romney campaigns battle over who is tougher on China, Obama is using his powers of incumbency to take action on that front.
MBishop1 09/16/2012 8 22 1 141
Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown by 6 in new poll: 50-44
I would not normally bring an individual poll result, let alone for a Senate seat, to the front page. Due to the interest and anxiety over the Massachusetts Senate race, I thought it was warranted ...
MBishop1 09/16/2012 210 294 1 2776
New Obama TV Ad: "The Question" - Yes, we are better off
The Obama campaign has posted a new 60 second TV ad that confronts Romney's question, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" head on. It reminds the viewer exactly where we were four ...
MBishop1 09/15/2012 88 174 2 1139
(Update) DNC Day 2 (25.1M) beats RNC Day 2 (21.9M) in ratings, even against the NFL
There has been concern about how DNC viewership would be affected by last night's opening NFL game and NBC dropping its coverage of their primetime convention coverage. Well, the initial ratings ...
MBishop1 09/06/2012 33 22 1 287
Biden: "We are for Medicare. They are for Vouchercare. It's basic."
Today, at the same event at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay discussed in Shawn Russell's recommended diary about Ryan's debt commission lies, VP Biden came right out and said it. I've seen ...
MBishop1 09/02/2012 32 29 - 200
Even PolitiFact calls "You didn't build that" attack: False
PolitiFact has had a lot of issues with determining what know..."facts" at times. Their "2011 Lie of the Year" was the claim that Republicans had voted to end Medicare, the main problem ...
MBishop1 07/26/2012 9 18 - 189
Romney's Amazing Anglo Affinity - "England: Mostly Harmless"
We've been reading for the past couple of days about an anonymous Romney adviser who assures us that Romney is more qualified to deal with England because of his deep understanding of the Anglo-...
MBishop1 07/25/2012 14 15 - 150
The Globe is still hitting Romney on Bain timeline
Undeterred by Romney's denial press junket-palooza on Friday, the Boston Globe is pushing back on Romney's claim that he had no active involvement in Bain or any Bain entity after February of 1999.
MBishop1 07/14/2012 129 195 3 1371
Elizabeth Warren: "What Republicans want to take away"
Elizabeth Warren published an Op-Ed for The MetroWest Daily News making the point that all of our Democratic candidates, and us as their supporters, need to push. The fight is on — again. Mitt ...
MBishop1 07/07/2012 49 200 5 951
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