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Hell No! Joe Biden in Iowa 2015
The Iowa caucuses will be in full swing by the summer of 2015. In September we will attend what may be the last of the wonderful Harkin Steak Fry gatherings in Indianola. All the Democratic ...
2laneIA 04/12/2013 63 32 - -
Iowa's Governor tries again on his education "reform" plan
Iowa is one of the states where Michelle Rhee, ALEC, and a Republican Governor have joined forces in support of an agenda of education "reform" that is all about funneling public dollars to ...
2laneIA 01/15/2013 26 11 1 -
"A Leninist Strategy" for Social Security, Decades in the Making
Today I read a blueprint for applying the Shock Doctrine to Social Security. It was published by the Cato Institute in 1983, and tweeted today by economist Stephanie Kelton ( @deficitowl ). It is ...
2laneIA 01/02/2013 33 30 - -
ACTION-Iowa Special Election in 32 days
We need help here in northern Iowa, to elect Todd Prichard in House District 52. He is a real Democrat, a better Democrat, one of our own, a grass-roots activist who knows why he is a Democrat. No ...
2laneIA 12/21/2012 12 15 - -
Hello Dolly! The War on Women, Iowa Edition
Merlin Bartz is an Iowa State Senator who carries around an unusual picture of his opponent, State Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm. The photo is a life-size legless paper doll. At public events he sets his ...
2laneIA 10/15/2012 59 93 2 -
WI: The Deer Czar is not the Problem
The Deer Czar is getting a lot of bad press and he is not happy about it . But he is not the real threat to public land in Wisconsin. The guy who hired him and is paying him $150,000 dollars in ...
2laneIA 06/02/2012 77 108 2 582
WI ACTION: Deer in the Spotlights
The Save Wisconsin Deer Campaign is picking up speed. We have been running ads on Facebook this week with the cash you kindly donated. If you would like to help keep that going, go here: https://...
2laneIA 05/30/2012 94 149 3 790
ACTION WI: Under Walker's Deer Czar, Hunters Will Lose
We need to get the word out to hunters. How would you like to pay $2000 for a deer license? Their right to hunt on public lands by paying an affordable price for a deer license is under attack in ...
2laneIA 05/25/2012 75 125 3 516
Tom Harkin's Rebuild America Act
Have I mentioned that I love Tom Harkin? He is a tonic for when I have lost my optimism that Democrats stand for anything but bailing out banks and tacking to the right when someone says "boo." ...
2laneIA 04/04/2012 17 15 - 87
Updated: Accountability is NOT The Word of the Day
Not when it comes to the banksters, anyway. While I would like to be optimistic on ...
2laneIA 01/25/2012 132 62 2 383
Hey Iowans, Send Braley an "attaboy" on SOPA
Congressman Bruce Braley has a video up that responds to the threat of SOPA/PIPA. As he speaks, his words are beeped out and black strips keep appearing over his face. Braley is trying to let ...
2laneIA 01/18/2012 12 10 - 37
Hired Gun for Big Ag Endorses Francis Thicke's Opponent
Yesterday the Iowa Agriculture Secretary, Republican Bill Northey, got an endorsement from a Democrat in his effort to get rehired by Iowans. Jerry Crawford is not just any Democrat. He is a close ...
2laneIA 11/01/2010 20 11 - 100
IA Sec Ag-Jim Hightower Picks Francis Thicke
Jim Hightower is an outspoken advocate for the Powers That Ought To Be, not The Powers That Be. He is a populist progressive, and a funny, irreverent thorn in the side of the powerful. He says ...
2laneIA 10/21/2010 22 19 - 307
Michael Pollan: "The Most Important Election This Year"
That assessment of Francis Thicke’s incredible grassroots campaign for Iowa Agriculture Secretary came from food writer Michael ...
2laneIA 10/19/2010 4 16 1 1263
Social Security and David Plouffe: An Action Diary (Updated)
Yesterday I talked to David Plouffe at Tom Harkin's famous annual Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa. I ...
2laneIA 09/13/2010 123 38 13 172
Tom Harkin's Steak Fry This Sunday!
The patron saint of the Iowa Democratic Party has a little bash every year, and invites his closest friends, i.e., Iowa Democrats, to spend a Sunday afternoon eating, drinking beer, and listening to ...
2laneIA 09/10/2010 12 17 - 66
Dick Morris Calling For Citizens United
I just got called by Citizens United. How I made it onto one of their lists is a mystery. They should probably fire whoever sold it to them, since they asked for me by name. I was asked whether I ...
2laneIA 05/29/2010 32 12 - 46
IA-Senate Grassley Slides Under the Big 5 Oh
Research 2000 polled for KCCI Channel 8 in Des Moines. Senator Chuck "pull the plug on grandma" Grassley is finally below 50% and he ...
2laneIA 05/06/2010 18 21 - 66
IA Ag Sec: Why Iowa Matters For What You Eat
Why should you care who the Secretary of Agriculture is in Iowa if you don’t live here? Do you want locally-grown healthy food at your local supermarket? Do you avoid meat and dairy ...
2laneIA 04/22/2010 16 22 - 510
MI-01 Help Connie Saltonstall Retire Stupak
Connie Saltonstall stepped up to run against Bart Stupak because he was ...
2laneIA 03/30/2010 27 23 - 29
Roxanne Conlin live chat over at C&L
Roxanne Conlin has written diaries here and stayed around to talk as she starts her run for ...
2laneIA 02/26/2010 1 4 - 42
3:15 EST Harkin & Shaheen on filibuster bill
Senators Harkin and Shaheen are holding a press conference at 3:15 on a bill to reform the abuses of the filibuster that have been on full display lately. Not all legislation can be stuffed into a ...
2laneIA 02/11/2010 40 25 1 32
No thanks for those bridges
Don't trade the public option for public works. Via Mark Ambinder , we learn ...
2laneIA 08/19/2009 15 1 - 304
IA-5 Thank you, Keith Olbermann
Steve King finally gets his closeup. Thanks Keith. Go simpler, like Michelle Bachmann's only rival for least stable member of the House of Representatives did. Steve King (R-Iowa) ...
2laneIA 10/28/2008 21 37 - 34
IA-5 Madelyn Dunham and GOP Family Values [Updated]
This week we saw Barack Obama fly to Hawaii to be with his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, near her life's end. In the middle of a presidential campaign, he showed us that family is his first priority,
2laneIA 10/26/2008 69 39 8 94
Michelle Bachmann and Steve King, Worst Persons [UPDATED]
A shorter version of this diary went up yesterday, and in the comments and in other threads, I was asked to update it.
2laneIA 10/20/2008 107 53 10 418
Michelle Bachmann and Steve King, Worst Persons
Kossacks have been hot under the collar about comments made by Michelle Bachmann, and hot on her trail , as she so ...
2laneIA 10/19/2008 88 62 8 89
IA-4,5 Earthquake Coming in the Heartland
Whether it's an earthquake or a tsunami , something big is coming to the heartland.
2laneIA 10/14/2008 21 21 - 40
IA-5 Chickens Coming Home to Root for Rob Hubler
Onawa, Iowa is a tiny spot on the map of Iowa's huge western Fifth District, a community of 3,000 or so, with a lovely old courthouse, and home of the widest main ...
2laneIA 10/12/2008 10 12 - 188
IA-4,IA-5 Dear Tom Harkin: Use It Or Lose It
Dear Senator Harkin, We are 25 days from an election. At the Jefferson-Jackson dinner you talked about how important this election is, and how we need to ...
2laneIA 10/10/2008 31 13 - 34
IA-5 Rob Hubler makes DCCC watch list (w/poll)
This morning the Hubler campaign announced that Rob has made ...
2laneIA 09/13/2008 36 21 2 303
No debates for Chicken a la King (Steve King, IA-5) updated w/photos
Howie Klein asked a good question this week: Why Are Republican Incumbents Afraid To Debate In ...
2laneIA 08/15/2008 9 13 - 185
Breaking: Trippi joins Hubler campaign
{h/t Iowa Independent's Douglas Burns ] You know who Joe Trippi is. Who is Rob Hubler? ...
2laneIA 07/28/2008 31 17 1 42
Obama Smear Email: can I get some help?
My uncle is a certified wingnut of the evangelical species, who sent out an awful email about Obama. Googling the original author, I find that this email is all over the internet, but there aren't ...
2laneIA 07/13/2008 44 3 1 8
A Servant, Not a King (that's Steve King, IA-5)
Steve King is one of the most loathsome members of Congress, but that is not news to most people. A compendium of his greatest hits can be ...
2laneIA 06/30/2008 4 4 - 44
Wanted: Website to help retire Steve King (R-IA5)
Granny Doc is always reminding us to support the DNC, and a contribution with your credit card is a great way to do it. But there are ...
2laneIA 06/23/2008 17 12 2 4
Out Of The Mouths of Boobs- Steve King (R-IA5)
Congressman Steve King (R-IA) asked Scott McClellan today whether he could not have "taken some of this with you to the grave and done this country a favor?" If I were McClellan's insurance carrier,
2laneIA 06/20/2008 9 8 - 66
A Prayer Circle for Obama
Clinton's comments to the Argus today, about the assassination of RFK, took me back to the Obama rally in Des Moines Tuesday night. Standing on an outdoor stairway above the stage, I had to get out ...
2laneIA 05/23/2008 26 20 1 46
(IA-4) Iowa 4th Congressional district race
2laneIA 10/06/2006 13 9 - 12
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