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Some fun from Red State below the squiggly line:

Romney's communications director just called him an Etch-A-Sketch.
littlehouse18 (Diary) Wednesday, March 21st at 11:44AM EDT (link)

h/t Hotair linking ThinkProgress linking CNN:

HOST: Is there a concern that Santorum and Gingrich might force the governor to tack so far to the right it would hurt him with moderate voters in the general election.

FEHRNSTROM: Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all of over again.

So there you go: Romney takes us for granted, pats us on the head as he lies to us, and has no intention of fulfilling promises to conservatives. They even admit it publically!

This is why he cannot be trusted and why we continue to oppose him. We may very well need to disentangle ourselves from the party which despises us. I can’t believe I’m thinking this now. In 2012 we are up against it, time is short, and I feel we have to support the Republican. But things are becoming very clear. 2016 primary or new party!

The person above caught on.
Again Romney LOST the overwhelming majority of Illinois counties but won by doing better in the cities and larger counties. Mitt won Chicago. Is there one person on this planet who thinks Romney will win Chicago against Obama. It’s the same way he won Ohio – by getting a big vote out of Lake county which is basically Cleveland. How will Cleveland vote in November? Yeah, I thought so.
Yep. Pretty much how it is.
okpensfan Wednesday, March 21st at 9:11AM EDT (link)

Not sure how anyone can expect him to win when he can’t attract independents. They are the ones most likely to stay home.

Who cares if he gets higher than usual vote totals in blue states? He’ll still lose them. This is a recipe for losing all the swing states. I don’t see Romney with a chance to win Ohio, Virginia, PA in the general. The base doesn’t like him enough to show up


More sense.

rwp4liberty Wednesday, March 21st at 9:18AM EDT (link)

Those who voted for Romney yesterday will stil vote for Obama in November. This is operation chaos in reverse, democrats are voting for Romney to ensure an Obama victory in the general. They claim Romney’s electable because it serves their purpose. Why do you think after 5 ytears of campaigning conservative still don’t like him? Obama will crush Romney if he’s our nominee…the template is already out there.

This is farcically paranoid.
This election was and is Obama's to lose...
acat (Diary) Wednesday, March 21st at 10:21AM EDT (link)

I don’t think Romney’s the best guy we could run against Obama .. but he’s not the worst. (that would be Ron Paul)

True dat.
Deceptive numbers
jeffbwillis Wednesday, March 21st at 7:57AM EDT (link)

Mitt Romney is winning in places where the Republicans have little chance in November. Many of these voters broke for Barack Obama in ’08. The question becomes “are most of Romney’s delegates coming from states the Republicans are certain to lose in November?” We know that Romney’s core support comes from Fortune 500 companies, Wall Street and the big banks. Almost all are contributing to both his campaign and Obama’s, in effect hedging their bets. I smell 2008 and 1996! Republicans blue bloods obviously never learned their lesson. Maybe it’s because they win either way!

More reality.
dpmaine Wednesday, March 21st at 10:07AM EDT (link)

100% correct, thanks for posting this.

Gov. Romney winning delegates where he has is what is so upsetting about the process. Gov. Romney winning in Illinois is handy for him, but it should be a so what.

When Gov. Romney clinches the nomination he’ll have close to 50% of his delegates from places that the GOP IS NEVER GOING TO WIN. New York, Massachusetts, California and Illinois.

Those are safe democratic electoral votes. The GOP candidate is being chosen by States that simply aren’t going to go our way.

The worst part is that sometime around October, or September maybe a few polls will come out that show Gov. Romney in “striking distance” of Pres. Obama in New York or California, and the possibility of a “blowout” will be dangled in front of our candidates eyes. And he’ll respond with spending money on a lost cause, and the final counts in those states will be within a point or two of what they always are.

I’ll never understand why for purposes of selecting our candidate, a vote by a Californian has as much weight or more than a vote from a Floridian, an Ohioan, or an Arizonian. It just doesn’t make sense.

Interesting thought.
Excellent point
clowngirl (Diary) Wednesday, March 21st at 11:51AM EDT (link)

It doesn’t make sense for the blue states to have such influence in picking our nominee. It’s not just that they have an equal number of votes (not sure whether I agree with that or not) but that so many of them vote EARLY.

Romney has also gotten lucky in that most of the heavily Mormon states have already voted.

still – why are we treating a win in Obama’s home state as if it’s decisive for Romney? Illinois is a blue state — I don’t know why Santorum was ever leading there anyway.

None of what has transpired over the course of the primary has altered my impression that Romney will certainly lose to Obama.

I don’t see “uniting” behind Romney as remotely likely to change that.

And I don’t really understand why Romney winning Illinois would drastically change the dynamics of the race. Yes, he gained some delegates, yes – perhaps Santorum squandered an opportunity but Romney’s still quite a ways from winning enough delegates to claim the nomination and there are still more than half of the states to go.

Repeat of previous commenter: yes Illinois is blue. It will not go for Romney in November.
I agree
explodinghead (Diary) Wednesday, March 21st at 11:27AM EDT (link)

I think many Romney supporters here are missing the point, that Romney has basically stuck his finger in the eye of the base and he hopes that somehow they will magically turn out to support him in November. The base could be the tipping point to get the ordinary guy ,who is their friend or neighbor to vote.For the ordinary guy who does not live and breathe politics like y’all, Romney does not inspire them and they need a real reason to go vote on a cold November day and Obama may not be enough of a reason for “Joe average”. The base could encourage their neighbors to go vote for Romney, but Romney has decided he has the Beltway and so he doesn’t need poor fly-over country schmoes that are the Conservative base. It may be too late to mend fences, if he even gives a darn, which right now it doesn’t look like he does. Romney thinls he can win without the base, good luck with that. All those North-Easterners and Californians are going to vote Obama in November. The pseudo-Romney vote will go home to Obama.

This same point by a different commenter.
The conservative wing should direct its' anger at itself.
acat (Diary) Wednesday, March 21st at 12:46PM EDT (link)


The reason we have these candidates is the conservative wing stood around in a dozen different tents, instead of joining behind one candidate early.

As I predicted, the moderate/establishment wing consolidated early, and simply encouraged the conservatives to drive one another out, leaving their candidate the winner by default.

The only time we’ve changed this paradigm was in 1980 .. and Reagan did that by “uniting the clans” starting on Dec. 1, 1976.

Well, the conservative wing should direct its anger at itself but not for that reason.

12:00 PM PT: Ty 4 comments and recs and tips. Teaching my math class now.

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