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Shoot-Em-Up Charlie:

Hi America!  It's me, Shoot-Em-Up Charlie, back again and unable to resist exposing . . .

Skeet Truth!

By now, you've all seen the phony "evidence" put out by the White House to show Obama is a gun-totin' kinda' guy.

Clearly they just Photoshopped away a copy of the Communist Manifesto and a bowl of arugula and replaced it with a shotgun!  [blam-blam!]

Obama's attempts to come across as a gun enthusiast are nothing more than Photoshop fraud!  It's just embarrassing.

Besides, everyone knows Kenyans can't shoot worth a damn!

The REAL American shooters are my pals at the NRA, shown here protecting women!

You can have our feminism when you can pry off our cold, dead, creepy hands!  Real photo-- I swear!

And here's another real photo of a school that is perfectly safe, thanks to more guns!

And here's a photo proving Wayne LaPierre never, ever, ever testified before Congress in support of universal background checks at all gun shows.  (I don't know what that smudge is, must be a ghost!)

And here's a photo of two good guys with guns defending themselves from a bad guy with a gun.  Whoops!  Wrong photo.

And of course, another phony White House photo.  I mean our sissy president doesn't shoot clay pigeons, let alone kill US citizens, right? Right?

Obama:  I do drone shooting all the time!

Um, and finally, here's a photo of a famous hunting enthusiast with a perfect score from the NRA.  [boom!]

Harry Whittington:  I'm sorry I put you through this, Mr. Vice President . . . ughnnn.

Originally posted to Comics on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 06:50 AM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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