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It's time for:  "Tips and Tricks of Holiday Journalism!"

Because even the media we love to hate like to spend time with their families once in a while.

With Tips and Tricks of Holiday Journalism, you'll get:

Year-in-Review photo collections!

More images mean less writing, and the magic of chronology takes the guess work out of which image comes first!

You'll also get:  Best-of Collections!

Take anything at all, group it with like things, and there you have it!

"Best Ties of Twenty-Twelve!"

And mustn't forget Top Ten Lists!

Just like a "Best Of" list but TEN, in order of preference!

You'll also get the tried and true, "Man of the Year."  Fills up plenty of pages ahead of time, so you can fill up on plenty of egg nog now!

And, the beloved "Year In, blank."

Put any word in the blank and there's your story!

"The Year in Finance," sure!  

"The Year in Global Warming," no problem!

"The Year in Mass Shootings," or "The Year in War . . ." I guess, but no need to get depressing now--

Check out "The Year in Technology" instead!

And remember God's gift to holiday round-ups everywhere:  Celebrities!

"The Year's Ten Best Movies!"  "Twenty-Twelve's Hottest Celebs," or "Belly Buttons of Twenty-Twelve."

And don't forget recently-added category:  "Cliff-Hanger-of-the-Year!"

When real news about a fake crisis comes when everyone is really drunk!

"Tips and Tricks of Holiday Journalism!"

Available now as one snarky cartoon roundup.

Originally posted to Comics on Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 06:50 AM PST.

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