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  •  The problem at Columbine (1+ / 0-)
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    is that the police focused on establishing a perimeter  and waiting for SWAT instead of rushing to immediate confront the attacker.  

    IN fairness , It is hard to come INTO a situation from a remote location and not know if there are snipers, where they are etc.

    You evidently have little knowledge of military bases-- the military locks guns up on armories and keeps tight control of them.   Aside from the MPs, you don't have just every soldier strolling around ladened with weapons like Rambo.

    •  Clarification -- I was referring to military bases (0+ / 0-)

      in the continental US.

    •  why not? (3+ / 0-)
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      MaikeH, Kevskos, Red Bean

      Why does the U.S. military keep guns locked up and tightly
      controlled on their (U.S.) bases? After all, the folks on those
      bases are arguably the best-trained, most responsible gun
      carriers in the entire population. Shouldn't they be able to
      "exercise their 2nd amendment rights"?

      Perhaps the U.S. military believes that having everyone carrying weapons is actually not ideal, and is not really the way to ensure a "polite society".

      Reminds me in a way of those "gun rights" politicians who are
      happy to prevent anyone from carrying a gun into, say, the House of Representatives... wouldn't they feel safer and more polite if their colleagues and random folks in the visitors gallery were all packing heat?

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