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  •  According to CBO we have 15,000 armed guards (4+ / 0-)

    under contract to protect federal offices around the USA.   We have spent almost $4 TRILLION on "defense" and "homeland security" in the past 4 years.

    So why are our children left unprotected?  Well, aside from some posters saying "Gun Free Zone". Those worked so well at Sandy Hook, no?

    Although I must concede that  nothing promotes a political agenda like martyrs --especially child martyrs.

    How many airliners have bene hijacked by AL Qaeda since our pilots were armed, armed federal marshals were deployed and basic physical protections were added to the cockpit doors??

    The gun control bill will do nothing to buy up the existing 15 million+ Assault rifles.   Plus the common shotgun used by hunters is far more deadly than the assault rifles -- and is more concealable when sawed off.

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