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  •  Unclean hands (0+ / 0-)

    is a catchphrase in the law that means "sinners won't prosper"--that is, if your opponent comes to game day with dirty hands, you don't have to play.  Because who can shake a dirty hand and not become part of a dirty deal?  And what court can approve a dirty deal and not be compromised itself?

    It's dirty to sell your country's honor and credit. That is what threatening to default on the national debt is.  Boehner says "everything has its price."  Yes, our country's honor does have its price, as does any other hostage.  But for the hostage taking to be effective, the hostage taker must value the hostage at zero.  

    Thus, unavoidably, the GOP House says that they value Uncle Sam's good name at zero. There is a name for this, a correct name in this case, and it is "unpatriotic."

    It is my fervent hope that President Obama will not hesitate to call the Republican hand by its correct name, and that he not sully himself, his oath of office, or America by shaking that hand, or by doing anything but staring it down and walking away.

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