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  •  You would be forcing your views (0+ / 0-)

    on society, without taking into account the other side's arguments or feelings on the matter.

    Again, it is arguments like this that allow the NRA to scare the beJebus out of gun owners by saying liberals want to take their guns away, regardless of circumstance.

    You are doing their work for them.

    •  Forcing my views on society? (1+ / 0-)
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      No.  I would be forcing them on a shrinking minority.  Happens all the time.  Gun-lust is an illness.  Get over it.  

      •  Imposing your will on others (0+ / 0-)

        irresponsibly, without taking any interest in their concerns is nothing more then letting your uninformed, ideology run amok.

        Most likely you fit into your own minority category:

        You have never owned/fired a firearm.
        You have never known a person that owns a firearm.
        You have no idea about the laws/regulations that exist on a state and federal level that 99.9999% of gun owners follow adamantly.
        You can't possibly think of a reason for a person to own a firearm.
        You saw/heard about someone who did something terrible with a firearm and therefore:
        You don't want anyone to own a firearm.

        Oh yeah, you also have a tendancy to end your posts with something on the order of: insert pithy-liberal-talking-point-gotcha-catch-phrase .

        I recommend you start talking to people who don't always hold your particular viewpoints and enjoy spouting them back at you.  You'll be better off.

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