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  •  Someone threw that piece of shit answer (4+ / 0-)
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    Miggles, shaharazade, splashy, BYw

    at me here on DK the other day. It's so fucking inane as to set me right the fuck off. We're the most armed goddamened fucking society in the motherfucking world and ar we fucking polite? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

    Any look at a contentious discussion here on DailyKos let alone out there in the rest of the internet or the real world.

    You want to see a polite society? Go talk to the Quakers or the Amish. Not a gun amongst the lot of them. They are as polite as can be.

    A polite society is polite first. It doesn't need guns to be polite.

    If you need a gun to be polite then you are an asshole to begin with.

    It's the stupidest shit-ass response amongst the lot of them. And this little mini-rant has been bouncing around inside me since I heard that fucking idiotic bullshit.

    You want a polite society? Then put your gun away and be polite to people.

    "Do what you can with what you have where you are." - Teddy Roosevelt

    by Andrew C White on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 08:53:29 AM PST

    •  Agree. Politeness has nothing to do with (5+ / 0-)

      weapons wielding.  In fact I would contend that it is almost a cultural universal that bearing weapons is an affront and highly impolite.  Aside from the perverted gun nut niche culture in America what other society out there romanticizes having weapons all over the place all the time?

    •  Analyzing that line (4+ / 0-)
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      Andrew C White, EricS, splashy, BYw

      Why would an armed society be polite?  Because people would worry that they'll be shot if they're not polite, right?  I mean, how else would having an armed society make it polite?  

      Therefore, the implication is that in an armed society, guns would be used not just for self-defense and the like, but for shooting people just because they're not polite.  So anyone who uses the phrase "an armed society is a polite society" is providing a reason why guns should be restricted, because otherwise they'll be used to shoot people for trivial reasons like rudeness.

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