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  •  But you can't separate the two. (7+ / 0-)

    Until they start shooting, the crazies are most often no more or less crazy than anyone else.  Heisenberg cats.

    •  I'd argue that haven't really tried to yet (0+ / 0-)

      We prevent crazy people from doing all sorts of things.  Driving, operating heavy machinery, working for the military, etc.

      But a system needs to be in place so that people's faculties can be monitored prior to their use/purchase of a potentially dangerous item.  Just like a system needs to be in place to prevent those same people from getting their hands on dangerous weapons.

      •  That's just silly. My solution. (1+ / 0-)
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        If you had the prying rights, you could make a case for just about anybody manifesting craziness.  "Did you know she spends hours alone, writing comments on blogs for people whom she'll never meet?"  "Did you know, he sleeps in strange underwear?"  "Do you remember how tongue-tied she was as a child?"  "Do you remember the time he kicked the chair and the leg broke off?"  

        Here's my solution:  If somebody wants to own a gun, then that person is crazy.  Clear and simple.  Ownership denied.  And write it down explicitly on the driver's license.  

        •  You would be forcing your views (0+ / 0-)

          on society, without taking into account the other side's arguments or feelings on the matter.

          Again, it is arguments like this that allow the NRA to scare the beJebus out of gun owners by saying liberals want to take their guns away, regardless of circumstance.

          You are doing their work for them.

          •  Forcing my views on society? (1+ / 0-)
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            No.  I would be forcing them on a shrinking minority.  Happens all the time.  Gun-lust is an illness.  Get over it.  

            •  Imposing your will on others (0+ / 0-)

              irresponsibly, without taking any interest in their concerns is nothing more then letting your uninformed, ideology run amok.

              Most likely you fit into your own minority category:

              You have never owned/fired a firearm.
              You have never known a person that owns a firearm.
              You have no idea about the laws/regulations that exist on a state and federal level that 99.9999% of gun owners follow adamantly.
              You can't possibly think of a reason for a person to own a firearm.
              You saw/heard about someone who did something terrible with a firearm and therefore:
              You don't want anyone to own a firearm.

              Oh yeah, you also have a tendancy to end your posts with something on the order of: insert pithy-liberal-talking-point-gotcha-catch-phrase .

              I recommend you start talking to people who don't always hold your particular viewpoints and enjoy spouting them back at you.  You'll be better off.

        •  Did you know? (0+ / 0-)

          Did you know they belong to a  group that 'Baptizes' corpses?
          I think that groups' practice merits Groucho Marx's "I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member"

          Did you know?
          Groucho Marx could have said, "How the tea party started a party in my pj's I'll never know, but I incinerated the pjs asap."

    •  Yes you can. (0+ / 0-)

      And, trust me, there will be restrictions on anyone prescribed more than aspirin and bp medication.

      •  Bogus argument. (2+ / 0-)
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        shaharazade, radical simplicity

        Gun deaths and mental illness have almost no correlation other than a handful of high-profile cases.  Again, from today's NYT article by R.A.Friedman, MD:

        In the National Institute of Mental Health’s E.C.A. study, for example, people with no mental disorder who abused alcohol or drugs were nearly seven times as likely as those without substance abuse to commit violent acts.
        Filtering the supposed crazies won't stop the problem.  
      •  No, I don't crazy statements from people (0+ / 0-)

        exhibiting the same level of paranoia about government as teabillies.

    •  This one thinks he's sane (0+ / 0-)

      (From an actual facebook thread over the weekend):

      I didn't say i'm open minded. Why am i not listening(i would rephrase that as why am i not buying uneducated jargon about subjects these very intelligent people know nothing about)...? BECAUSE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT GUN CONTROL. JUST LIKE HITLER, JUST LIKE STALIN, JUST LIKE MAO. Search your heart real deep or better yet google for the meaning of brah, you could have fooled me for a surfer sorry.
      On most issues, he's very liberal. If you met him on the street and had an ordinary conversation, you would have no idea that he is absolutely convinced that there is no difference between sensible limits on guns and volunteering for a brief trip in a cattle car. He also believes that Obama is going to bring the shock troops in to round us all up, and we are in imminent danger of needing to fight the armed forces of the US with a rag-tag band of wanna-be's with hand-held weapons.

      So, how do you prevent the seemingly normal person on the street, who is a raging lunatic in private, from getting guns. He's certainly allowed to drive and use heavy machinery. I don't know whether he's in the National Guard, but a ridiculously high percentage of local young men are.

      We may keep a very small number of obviously unbalanced people from doing dangerous things, but we do absolutely nothing for people like this young man, who happens to own a not-so-small personal arsenal.

      •  'seemingly normal person on the street' (0+ / 0-)

        I believe many are also not always 'normal' on the street. I have overheard or conversed with seemingly normal people who suddenly blurt out an extreme "Final Solution" for the minor issue we were briefly discussing.

        When younger, I would respond by automatically stopping (cold) talking about the topic, and let the talk either die or move to another topic. These days I respond with a mild and sympathetic suggestion that the Final Solution might cause undesirable consequences

        I've seen this even though I live in an ideologically more diverse propaganda market than most of the USA. Those 'not normal'  people you (and I) have seen on the internet are sitting ducks for programming. They are Brown Shirts or Rwandans just waiting for detonation...

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