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A letter and appeal,

As you're reading this message, tens of thousands of foreign "guestworkers" are being exploited through government-sanctioned programs some have described as "modern-day slavery." The Southern Poverty Law Center is fighting to protect these workers, and today we're passing along their petition demanding that Congress fix this broken system. Please help make a difference by speaking up right now.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor,

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This feature was written by Don Hazen for AlterNet,

Moore's new film, debuting in Cannes this May, tackles the failures of the U.S. health care system, and includes a segment where 9/11 rescue workers visit Cuba for treatment they couldn't get in America.

Michael Moore just weighed in on the country’s free-market medical care system with a new documentary called "Sicko."

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Wed Apr 11, 2007 at 07:17 AM PDT

On the Coming CEO Lynching

by makemyday9

Michael Brush of MSN Money Central has written a series of scathing articles on CEO pay that makes any person believe that Democrats like Rep. Barney Frank are serious about  instituting congressional actions to curb the greed and abuse. Well, let’s wait for the lobbies to respond before getting too excited. However, these articles suggest that market analysts are getting on the side of stockholders and turning up the heat. The likelihood of change seems imminent after six years, and perhaps thirty years of Republican laissez faire gifting to the wealthiest among us, the CEOs.

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....latest from JIM HIGHTOWER.

This communication from Jim Hightower gives us still more insight into the obvious motives behind Iraq and boasts that we will learn more about why the hell we went there in the first place.

Jim Hightower unravels the mystery of an unfolding plan

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This article, sent out by Alternet this morning, explains to anyone why this Israeli-Palestinian thing is conflict interminable. Every generation of kids, Israeli and Palestinian, is indoctrinated with extremist ideology.

The answer is simple: start telling kids the truth. No one can argue with that? Then come back in a generation.

This article by Uri Avnery explains the problem.

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This article, Kennedy Swings, Roberts Strikes Out, Bush Loses, Earth Wins, by Bill Scher, concerning the recent SCOTUS decision on the EPA, let’s us know that

Chief Justice Roberts tried to use conservative judicial activism to help Bush's EPA ignore global warming...

By a slim 5-4 decision, the hard conservative quartet almost put us on the fast track from global warming to global inferno. The environment won by a hair.

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Not since the Gilded Age of the late 19th century has America witnessed such a rapid shift in the distribution of economic wealth as it has in the past 30 years.

This article on economic inequality arrived this morning from Alternet. It was entitled, Who's Gorging and Who's Getting Roasted in the Economic Barbecue? and was written by James M. Cypher, for Dollars and Sense. The excerpts are posted with Alternet’s permission.

Democratic candidates must not forget to talk up the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy in race up to the primaries and beyond.

The entire article is here. I will summarize what James Cypher wrote:

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Sat Mar 24, 2007 at 01:05 PM PDT

Scurlock pisses on the Bush economy

by makemyday9

Maxed Out director James Scurlock explains how without credit cards, millions of apparently middle-class Americans would live at the poverty level.

That’s how writer and film director James Scurlock put it in the documentary, and now book, Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders. The film is described as "sprawling look at the seamy underside of the American credit industry -- an industry whose practices have changed dramatically since deregulation, and not for the better -- and at those who end up caught in a trap of their own creation."

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Bob Geiger of Alternet reported this story about Ted Kennedy’s latest worker rights effort, not apparently waiting for a bigger Democratic majority to be able to override an inevitable Bush veto. Workers without sick leave benefits will gain considerably, but as it expands the conditions for using sick leave, families will also benefit in ways not heretofore considered a sick benefit. Hardship and family sicknesses are covered as well as significant others in gay relationships.

American workers, being the most productive and hardest working in terms long hours among Western industrialized nations, and as they have experienced minimal wage growth during the past six years, one would have to believe that Kennedy’s legislation is intended to increase income for workers not now able to be paid for days they unable to work due to illness.

As Republicans are already squawking about the effect of the costs on employers and loss of jobs, no one should expect that a veto override is possible. But the Republicans will again be on record as being against legislation that benefits workers and their families. Of course, they will also being chaining themselves again to Bush’s sinking ship. Will they listen the next time around?

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