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I just canceled what little Thanksgiving festivity I had planned for myself and my twin 2 year olds.  We were not going to do much.  A turkey breast, some side stuff. A new DVD for them.  Now, I'm wondering if I can keep the electric on past Friday, and there won't be any food shopping, let alone a special dinner for tomorrow.


Because I did some extra contract work for the college I work for back in September and October, and I invoiced it, and I was promised it would be in my last check on the 15th.  It wasn't, and I asked, and I was told it would be there today.  It's not.  It's $1500, which isn't much to most people, but to me, right now, it's the beginning of our fragile house of cards collapsing.

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Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 01:49 PM PST

I, Too, Sing America

by Verstand

I, too, sing America.
I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.
I'll be at the table.

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John McCain and Sarah Palin did a short 10-minute interview on a local ABC affiliate television station in Philadelphia yesterday after they spoke at Lehigh University. Their reaction to Matt O'Donnell's questions about rising violence in the city and gun-control was cold, unfeeling and automaton-like.

Among the topics that were discussed was the rise of violence in Philadelphia in the past two years (murders are on the rise, and violence against police is unprecedented with 4 dead in 2 years).  Three Philadelphia police officers have been shot to death in the past year; the most recent funeral of a 30 year-old officer was televised last week (his partner was also shot but survived).  

On Sunday night, a father driving his 8 year-old daughter home from New Jersey to a Philadelphia suburb was shot in the head (with a .45 brandished by a passing driver) in a road rage incident on a highway in the city while his daughter narrowly missed being shot as well.  He is still fighting for his life, and the city is reeling from this latest turn as it serves as an example that even traversing the major highways through the city (without stopping) has become very dangerous.

See link to video of interview of McCain/Palin interview below.

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Thu Sep 11, 2008 at 04:46 AM PDT


by Verstand

Sarah Palin has commanded the attention of a nation and its media for the past few weeks.  Critics wonder why the press has backed off from the many obvious issues in her personal and professional life that have most people wondering if she's qualified to hold any job, let alone that of Vice President.  I'm not sure that it's true that the press has any desire to give her a pass or to let things go untold.  I think, perhaps, they're overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what may be in her closets.


What do the Dems need to knock Sarah out of the spotlight?

8%4 votes
8%4 votes
8%4 votes
0%0 votes
8%4 votes
16%8 votes
20%10 votes
26%13 votes

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Sarah’s shiny and new and a polebrity if ever there was one.  She’s a different breed.  She’s not even trying to be a respectable, smart, take-me-seriously politician.  She’s being herself.  She’s making people laugh, being popular, reveling in her infamy and her inborn confidence that’s she’s the one to whom all eyes should turn.  All moose-massacring, enemy-firing, earmark-grabbing, college-hopping, plane-selling, lying, thieving, cheating, mother-from-helling, bible-thumping, gun-waving manic redneck lunacy ala Paris Hilton in The Simple Life or Denise Richards but on steroids. Trying to manage her in the ways that one might manage a real political opponent is not going to work, and I hope that Obama gets that message soon.

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