Haven't seen this idea float through the recent diaries so apologies if this is a repeat.

While digesting the Palin pick and its implications it struck me that this was yet another example of Republicans trying to benefit from the hard work performed by Democrats. Just as Bush came into office with a surplus and a country in better shape than it had been in years and then wasted it all as he had no understanding of how much hard work and careful governance had gone into getting us there, so McCain thinks that he can just substitute another woman to be the standard bearer for the Clinton supporters who were looking forward to the first female president.

What he doesn't get is that these people were not supporting "a woman" they were supporting a higly qualified, powerful candidate who happened to be a woman - she was the real deal. Palin is McCain's attempt to cash in on Clinton's hard work and credibility. How typically Republican - don't do the work but try to take the credit anyway.